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The Biorobotics Lab reduces complicated high-dimensional problems found in robotics to low-dimensional tractable ones for design, analysis, and planning. Often, we look to biology for inspiration and sometimes, we return the favor by providing analysis that models biology. Our research group runs the full pipeline from basic research, to applied research and all the way to system deployment, and in some cases commercialization. We find that basic theory informs system development and vice-versa. We strongly believe in working with stakeholders in our chosen application fields because they have a unique perspective that challenge our core assumptions, inform future research direction, and drive the development of practical solutions. Our ability to build a great variety of novel field-tested systems stems from advancing modularity, at all levels, both in software and hardware.

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Deformation Modeling

Predict deformation in ultrasound images and use it to create synthetic data to train other machine learning techniques.


Research in ventilation control systems, tele-critical data collection, machine learning, and respiratory support hardware to enable tele-critical healthcare.

Search and Rescue

Giving Urban Search and Rescue workers more technological tools to help find and save victims of natural disasters.


Path-planning for a hyperredundant robot with low torque limits. Because the robot can't cantilever its full length, the planner finds bracing points in the environment to reduce the required torque.

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