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Title Lab Last Publication Head
2D Recognition 2010 Martial Hebert
2D->3D Face Model Construction 2020 Jing Xiao
3D Belly Arvind Lakshmikumar
3D Grid Maps for Mobile Robot Perception Hans Moravec
3D Head Motion Recovery in Real Time People Image Analysis Consortium 2016 Jing Xiao
3D Image Overlay 1998 Anthony M Digioia
3D Mine Mapping 2006 Scott Thayer
3D Object Recognition 1999 Martial Hebert and James Osborn
3D Optical Reconstruction of Cell Shape 2000 Takeo Kanade
3D Terrain Mapping 2002 Martial Hebert
3D Video Reconstruction of Skeletal Anatomy Takeo Kanade
3D Vision for Autonomous Navigation 2020 Martial Hebert
3D Visualization for EOD Robots
A Computational Model for Repeated Pattern Perception using Crystallographic Groups 2008 Yanxi Liu
A Multi-Layered Display with Water Drops Takeo Kanade
A Projector-Camera System for Creating a Display with Water Drops Takeo Kanade
A Rapid Prototyping System for Flexible Assembly
A Reactive System for Off-Road Autonomous Driving Dirk Langer
A Spherical Representation for Recognition of 3-D Curved Objects Martial Hebert
A Statistical Quantification of Human Brain Asymmetry 2007 Yanxi Liu
A-Match Advanced Agent - Robotics Technology Lab 2002 Katia Sycara
AAM Fitting Algorithms People Image Analysis Consortium 2006 Iain Matthews and Simon Baker
AAMs with Occlusion 2006 Ralph Gross and Simon Baker
Abacus: Automated Tree Measurement Sanjiv Singh
Active Sensor Control for Neural Net Lane Tracking Rahul Sukthankar