Research Centers

Field Robotics Center (FRC)

Field robotics is the use of mobile robots in field environments such as work sites and natural terrain, where the robots must safeguard themselves while performing non-repetitive tasks and objective sensing as well as self-navigation in random or dynamic environments. The Field Robotics Center at Carnegie Mellon University is dedicated to the pursuit of this technology, and to push its limits into the next century, our imaginations, and beyond.

National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC)

NREC works closely with government and industry clients to develop and mature robotic technologies from concept to commercialization. A typical NREC project includes a rapid proof-of-concept demonstration followed by an in-depth development and testing phase that produces a robust prototype with intellectual property for licensing and commercialization. Throughout this process, NREC applies best practices for software development, system integration, and field testing.