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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Prompted by historical evidence suggesting undue challenges in the experiences of various groups within RI, the mandate of this committee is to identify issues contributing to these obstacles and to make policy recommendations to the Director to address them.

Members were selected based on the pool of volunteers we received, mapped onto a representative demographic of our department of students, research staff, institute staff, and faculty. Members of the CMU community can learn more about the Climate Committee on our intranet.

Please give constructive suggestions for actions RI could take to promote diversity, equity and inclusion at this anonymous Survey Monkey.

Google Doc assembled by the RI Climate Committee 2020 for ways RI can help.

Robotics Institute Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Fund

Make A Donation

The Robotics Institute has made a commitment to initiatives that promote equity, diversity and inclusion.
The RI DEI Fund has been created via an initiative of the RI Climate and DEI Committee to:

  • Financially support students from underrepresented backgrounds
  • Help with outreach activities to battle racial inequality and injustice
  • Fund recruiting activities for under-represented students and faculty to the Robotics Institute

Afghan Refugees

Pittsburgh has been identified as one of 25 US cities to receive Afghan refugees.


Thrive Pittsburgh is helping Afghan SIV refugee families arriving in Pittsburgh:

Jewish Family and Community Services is one of our local organizations that facilitates refugee resettlement and they will also be involved with this process:

Acculturation for Justice and Peace Outreach will also be involved in resettlement:

Hello Neighbor is a local organization that does fundraising and mentorship programs for local refugees:

Home Sweet Home by Hello Neighbor:
100% of funds raised at Home Sweet Home on September 19 will support our work with – and for – refugee and immigrant families here in Pittsburgh.

For a longer list of how can you support Afghan refugees:

Confronting Racism

The Carnegie Mellon University community stands unequivocally against racism and the systems that have perpetuated racial injustice.

As we witness our nation confronting the legacy of racial injustice, we are committed to ensuring that Carnegie Mellon stands on the right side of history through bold and concrete actions moving forward. Below are some resources gathered by the RI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.

Carnegie Mellon University Communication

Antiracism Resources

Documentary Films


Social Media


Dramatic Films & Series

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