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Personnel count is 294

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Khush Ganesh Agrawal
Research Associate I
A403 Newell-Simon Hall
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Shubhra Aich
Research Assistant
4511 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Vladimir A. Altman
Vladimir A. Altman
Senior Robotics Engineer
(412) 681-6900
NREC 239
Portrait of Paul Ambush
Paul Ambush
Software Developer
LL127 Collaborative Innovation Center
Portrait of Timothy Angert
Timothy Angert
RI Machine Shop Manager
(412) 268-8668
1401 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Greg Armstrong
Greg Armstrong
Senior Research Technician
(412) 508-4813
TEP 1001
Portrait of Amy Lynn Arteritano
Amy Lynn Arteritano
Research Administrator
(412) 681-5905
NREC 207
Portrait of James Arthur
James Arthur
Assistant Director, Program Management Office and Resource Management
NREC 256
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Aleeya Babb
3122 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey
Senior Controls Engineer
Portrait of Christopher R. Baker
Christopher R. Baker
Project Staff
(412) 681-6900
NREC 256
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Keri Baker
Program Manager
(412) 268-6668
2209 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Laura Barbulescu
Laura Barbulescu
Senior Project Scientist
(412) 268-5900
4215 Newell-Simon Hall
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Piotr Bartosiewicz
3119 Newell-Simon Hall
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Parag Batavia
Adjunct Instructor
Portrait of Robert E. Bittner
Robert E. Bittner
Lead Robotics Engineer
(412) 874-6190
NREC 292
Portrait of Nathan Blank
Nathan Blank
Software Engineer
NREC 258
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Tyler Bobik
Robotics Simulation Engineer

Portrait of Ralph Boirum
Ralph Boirum
Project Administrator II
3216 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Jaime Bourne
Jaime Bourne
Senior Robotics Engineer
(412) 681-6900
Portrait of Kathy Boyd
Kathy Boyd
Sponsored Research Administrator
(412) 268-5730
4107 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Samantha (Sam) Bridge
Samantha (Sam) Bridge
Senior Academic Coordinator

(724) 366-7448
1517 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Sean Mason Bryan
Sean Mason Bryan
Senior Robotics Engineer
Portrait of Rachel Burcin
Rachel Burcin
Global Programs Manager
(412) 268-4272
4515 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Edsel Burkholder
Edsel Burkholder
Technician II