RI Graduate Student Resources

RoboOrg is the Robotics Institute graduate student organization. We are led-by and act in the interest of the RI grad student community by performing advocacy, organizing social events (ex. Post-Seminar Reception, Metaseminars), sponsoring student-organized activities, trips, and maintaining the RI grad student space: the RoboLounge.

While every RI grad student is part of (and RI affiliates are welcome too!) RoboOrg, a council of elected Officers handle leadership responsibilities. We highly encourage members of the community to get involved as much as they can!

The RoboGuide is the internal handbook for Robotics Institute Faculty, Staff, Students and Visitors. It requires authentication with your CMU Andrew ID.

Some important student-focused RoboGuide pages include:

CMU Cares
CMU Cares: Work Life Resources for Students supports your social, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The RI Climate Committee created this page to help with specific problems and to find the right people.

Advisor Matching List
This list was created to help streamline the student-advior matching process for RI PhD and MSR students. It is aimed at providing a quick overview of which faculty are currently looking for students. Please note that it is not for MRSD or MSCV capstone projects.

Connect with the RI Community
Everyone brings unique skills, perspectives, and value. Please consider adding your profile to better seek mentorship, advice and expertise.

Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs
This Carnegie Mellon University office is devoted to the happiness and success of the graduate student population.

RoboOrg 2021 Video Tours

Part 1

Part 2