Portrait of A-Match
Head: Katia Sycara
Contact: Joseph Andrew Giampapa
Associated Lab: Advanced Agent - Robotics Technology Lab
Last Project Publication Year: 2003

A-Match allows users to advertise, update and unadvertise their agents. It also allows users to search for agents using its fully-searchable ontology, the same ontology that the matchmaker uses to match advertisements with requests.

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The RETSINA MAS, a Case Study
Katia Sycara, Joseph Andrew Giampapa, Brent K. Langley and Massimo Paolucci

Book Section/Chapter, Software Engineering for Large-Scale Multi-Agent Systems: Research Issues and Practical Applications, LNCS, Vol. 2603, pp. 232-250, July, 2003

Past Project People

  • Massimo Paolucci
  • Zhendong Niu
  • Michael Rectenwald
  • Matthew Messner
  • Sean R Owens
  • Constantine Domashnev