Portrait of Sanjiv Singh
Consulting Professor
Administrative Assistant: Carly Siedt
Associated Center: FRC
Mailing Address

Autonomous Navigation. This theme is developing motion planning, state estimation and real-time control for ground and air vehicles at various scales. Applications include agriculture (CASC project), exploration with air vehicles (Riverine project) and autonomous low flying aircraft (Transformer project)

Coordinated Multi-Robots. This theme examines tasks such as assembly of structures that can’t be conducted by single robots. We are developing motion planning and architectures that enable teams of robots and humans to operate efficiently and reliably. Applications include assembly of structures (Trestle and Cluster projects) and coordinated search/localization in first response (Ember project)

Forceful Interaction with the world. I am interested in a class of tasks in which the interaction between a robot and the world is complex and involves large forces. The approach is to select optimal actions using physical models of the interaction, thereby making the machines more capable.


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