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Title Lab Last Publication Head
As-Built Survey Project Sanjiv Singh
ASAP Surgical Mechatronics Laboratory 2012 Cameron Riviere
Asbestos Pipe-Insulation Removal Robot System 1998 John Bares and Hagen Schempf
Assembly Plan from Observation 1994 Katsushi Ikeuchi
Assembly Planning Using Geometric Models
Assisted Mining 1999
Assistive Educational Technology Field Robotics Center (FRC) 2011 M. Bernardine Dias
Asynchronous Teams of Autonomous Agents Sarosh Talukdar
Atacama Desert Trek 2001 William (Red) L. Whittaker
AutoBrief 2000 Steven F Roth
Automated Field-Container Handling System 2002 Hagen Schempf
Automated Floor Plan Modeling 2011 Daniel Huber
Automated Reverse Engineering of Buildings 2013 Daniel Huber and Burcu Akinci
Automated Turf Management 2002 Sanjiv Singh
Automatic 3D Modeling from Range Images 2003 Martial Hebert
Automatic Construction of Active Appearance Models 2004 Simon Baker
Automatic Segmentation of Proteomic Images Fernando De la Torre Frade
AUtomotive Run-Off-Road Avoidance system 1997 Dean Pomerleau
Auton Project Auton Lab 2005 Andrew Moore and Jeff Schneider
Autonomous Agricultural Spraying 2005 Anthony (Tony) Stentz
Autonomous Cargo Trailer Transport System 1992 Hagen Schempf
Autonomous Coordinated Motion and Mobility 2008 Alonzo Kelly
Autonomous Extra-vehicular Robotic Camera Biorobotics Lab 1999 Howie Choset
Autonomous Ground Vehicle Design 2006 William (Red) L. Whittaker
Autonomous Haulage