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Supply Chain Modeling and AnalysisIntelligent Coordination and Logistics LaboratoryNorman Sadeh-Koniecpol
Surgical Robotics for Orthopaedics
Sweep Monitoring
SwimmingHowie Choset
Synthetic Performer Research ProjectFrank Garvey
System for Automated Graphics and ExplanationSteven F Roth
Table DecompositionRobert H. Thibadeau
Tactical Mobile RoboticsChuck Thorpe, Anthony (Tony) Stentz and Martial Hebert
Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle (TUGV)Dimitrios (Dimi) Apostolopoulos
Tactile Displays Using MEMS Actuator ArraysMicroelectromechanical Systems LaboratoryGary K. Fedder
Tartan RacingWilliam (Red) L. Whittaker
TechCaFEField Robotics Center (FRC)M. Bernardine Dias
Technical Drawing and Figure DecompositionRobert H. Thibadeau
Tele-GraffitiSimon Baker and Jianbo Shi
Teleoperation Booth
Teleoperation with a 12-DOF Coarse-Fine ManipulatorMicrodynamic Systems LaboratoryRalph Hollis
Telepresence Robot KitHuman-Robot Interaction GroupCREATE: Community Robotics, Education and Technology EmpowermentIllah Nourbakhsh
Telesupervised Adaptive Ocean Sensor FleetTele-Supervised Autonomous Robotics (T-SAR)John M Dolan
Template UpdateSimon Baker
Temporal Segmentation of Human Motion
Temporal Shape-From-SilhouetteSimon Baker and Takeo Kanade
Terrain ClassificationMartial Hebert
Terrain Estimation using Space Carving KernelsMartial Hebert
Terrain MappingEric Krotkov
TerregatorWilliam (Red) L. Whittaker