Portrait of The CMUcam Vision Sensor
Head: Illah Nourbakhsh
Contact: Illah Nourbakhsh
Associated Lab: CREATE: Community Robotics, Education and Technology Empowerment
Last Project Publication Year: 2007

CMUcam is a new low-cost, low-power sensor for mobile robots. You can use CMUcam to do many different kinds of on-board, real-time vision processing. Because CMUcam uses a serial port, it can be directly interfaced to other low-power processors such as PIC chips.

At 17 frames per second, CMUcam can do the following:

  • track the position and size of a colorful or bright object
  • measure the RGB or YUV statistics of an image region
  • automatically acquire and track the first object it sees
  • physically track using a directly connected servo
  • dump a complete image over the serial port
  • dump a bitmap showing the shape of the tracked object

Using CMUcam, it is easy to make a robot head that swivels around to track an object. You can also build a wheeled robot that chases a ball around, or even chases you around. In the Gallery, you can see pictures and videos of some of the robots we and others have built with CMUcam.

Displaying 2 Publications
CMUcam3: An Open Programmable Embedded Vision Sensor
Anthony Rowe, Adam G. Goode, Dhiraj Goel and Illah Nourbakhsh

Tech. Report, CMU-RI-TR-07-13, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, May, 2007
A Low Cost Embedded Color Vision System
Anthony Rowe, Chuck Rosenberg and Illah Nourbakhsh

Conference Paper, Proceedings of IROS 2002, January, 2002

Past Project People

  • Anthony Rowe
  • Chuck Rosenberg