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Title Lab Last Publication Head
Vehicle Stability 2005
Very Rough Terrain Nonholonomic Trajectory Generation and Motion Planning for Rovers 2011 Anthony (Tony) Stentz and Alonzo Kelly
Vibration Feedback for Manipulation Tasks Intelligent Autonomous Manipulation (IAM) Lab
Video Surveillance and Monitoring People Image Analysis Consortium 2001 Robert Collins
Video Verification of Identity Martial Hebert
Video-rate Stereo Machine 1997
Vikia Reliable Autonomous Systems Lab Greg Armstrong
Virtualized RealityTM 2007 Takeo Kanade
Visage 1997 Steven F Roth
Vision Algorithm Compiler Katsushi Ikeuchi
Vision-Guided Precision Assembly Microdynamic Systems Laboratory Ralph Hollis
VISTA 2004 Sanjiv Singh
Visual Localization Biorobotics Lab Howie Choset
Visual Position Estimator 1997 Fabio Cozman
Visual Query Environment Steven F Roth
Visual SLAM for Industrial Robots 2014 Brett Browning, M. Bernardine Dias and Anthony (Tony) Stentz
Visual Yield Mapping with Optimal and Generative Sampling Strategies Stephen T. Nuske
Visual-Haptic Interface to Virtual Environment Microdynamic Systems Laboratory Ralph Hollis
WARREN Advanced Agent - Robotics Technology Lab 2002 Katia Sycara
WATT Katia Sycara
Weld Sequence Planning Rapid Manufacturing Lab David Bourne
Wide Area Prospecting Using Supervised Autonomous Robots Tele-Supervised Autonomous Robotics (T-SAR) 2008 John M Dolan
XAlign 2006 Branislav Jaramaz
Xavier Reliable Autonomous Systems Lab 2004 Reid Simmons