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TRESTLE: Autonomous Assembly by Teams of Coordinated RobotsHuman-Robot Interaction GroupSanjiv Singh
Tunnel Mapping
TURBO-PLAN: An Interactive Mission Planning AdvisorStephen Smith
UAV/UGV Air-Ground CollaborationField Robotics Center (FRC)Benjamin P Grocholsky
UGCV PerceptOR IntegratedJohn Bares and Anthony (Tony) Stentz
Ultra-High-Density Data Cache for Low-Power CommunicationsMicroelectromechanical Systems LaboratoryGary K. Fedder
Ultrasonic Bone ImagingSurgical Mechatronics LaboratoryTakeo Kanade
Underground Mining Operator AssistAnthony (Tony) Stentz and John Bares
Understanding and Modeling Trust in Human-Robot InteractionsHuman-Robot Interaction Group
Unification of Component AnalysisFernando De la Torre Frade
Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle (UGCV)John Bares
Unmanned Ground Vehicle for SecuritySanjiv Singh
Unmanned Ground VehiclesMartial Hebert, Anthony (Tony) Stentz and Chuck Thorpe
UranusHans Moravec
Urban ChallengeField Robotics Center (FRC)
Urban Search and RescueAdvanced Agent - Robotics Technology LabKatia Sycara
Using Experience for LearningManuela Veloso
Vacuum Cleaning RobotsBiorobotics LabHowie Choset
VANEBrett Browning and Peter Rander
Vehicle Classifier
Vehicle Localization in Naturally Varying EnvironmentsTakeo Kanade and Daniel Huber
Vehicle Safeguarding
Vehicle Sound Pattern RecognitionIntelligent Sensor, Measurement, and Control LabMel Siegel
Vehicle Stability
Very Rough Terrain Nonholonomic Trajectory Generation and Motion Planning for RoversAnthony (Tony) Stentz and Alonzo Kelly