Portrait of J. Andrew (Drew) Bagnell
Consulting Professor
Home Department: RI
Phone: (412) 681-8669
Administrative Assistant: Brian Hutchison
Mailing Address

I am interested in “closing the loop” on complex systems; that is, I am interested in designing algorithms that allow systems to observe their own operation and improve performance. My belief is that the border land between planning, control and computational learning is particularly rich with research challenges and potential to make real, immediate impact on applications. I’m particularly interested in systems for which we can obtain at best a partial model. To this end, I’m excited about extending research tools that come from information theory, statistics, control theory, statistical physics and optimization.

At the moment, I am particularly focused on two areas in machine learning. First I am working on applications of learning and decision making applied to mobile robotics. Second, I am interested in developing rich, structured probabilistic models that are appropriate for both making and learning decisions.

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