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Portrait of Emily Hamner
Emily Hamner
Senior Research Associate
(412) 268-6723
LL127 Collaborative Innovation Center
Portrait of Jean Harpley
Jean Harpley
Senior Administrative Assistant / Notary Public
(412) 268-2688
1517 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Deborah Harvard
Deborah Harvard
Senior Sponsored Research Administrator
(412) 268-2996
4107 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Jordan Hayes
Jordan Hayes
Research Associate I
Portrait of Eric Haywiser
Eric Haywiser
Senior Research Programmer
(412) 926-5508
NREC 290
Portrait of David Hedger
David Hedger
Robotics Engineer
Portrait of Edward T. Henciak
Edward T. Henciak
Lead Robotics Engineer
(412) 681-6900
NREC 232
Portrait of Louis Hiener
Louis Hiener
Systems / Software Engineer
Portrait of Ross Higashi
Ross Higashi
Robotics Academy Head of Educational Outreach
(412) 987-9067
NREC 261
Portrait of Ryan A. Hoffman
Ryan A. Hoffman
Project Manager
(412) 268-3818
4625 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Lisa Holman
Lisa Holman
235 Elliot Dunlap Smith Hall
Placeholder Portrait Image
Daniel Howarth
Research Programmer / Analyst
3124 Newell-Simon Hall
Placeholder Portrait Image
Shih-Chieh (Jerry) Hsiung
2204 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Yen-Chia Hsu
Yen-Chia Hsu
Senior Research Programmer / Analyst
(412) 268-3818
LL127 Collaborative Innovation Center
Portrait of Dong Huang
Dong Huang
Project Scientist
(412) 268-3818
111 Elliot Dunlap Smith Hall
Portrait of Peter M. Huggins
Peter M. Huggins
Project Scientist
(412) 268-3818
3119 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Ammar Husain
Ammar Husain
Robotics Engineer
(412) 681-6900
NREC 252
Portrait of Casidhe Hutchison
Casidhe Hutchison
Software Engineer
(412) 268-8162
NREC 255
Portrait of Nicholas Irvin
Nicholas Irvin
Research Programmer
(412) 681-6900
NREC 254
Portrait of Isaac Isukapati
Isaac Isukapati
Project Scientist
(412) 268-3818
4209 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Joshua Jarvis
Joshua Jarvis
Research Programmer / Analyst
NREC 261
Portrait of Vincent Jeanselme
Vincent Jeanselme
Research Programmer / Analyst
3122 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Laszlo Attila Jeni
Laszlo Attila Jeni
Project Scientist
(412) 268-4461
4505 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Ran Ji
Ran Ji
Research Associate II
(412) 268-2565
2204A Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Fan Jia
Fan Jia
1604D Newell-Simon Hall