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Portrait of Chao Cao
Chao Cao
Systems Soft/Hardware Engineer
A403 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Kaitlyn Carey
Kaitlyn Carey
Robotics Engineer
NREC 231
Portrait of Elizabeth Carter
Elizabeth Carter
Project Scientist
(412) 268-3818
A407 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Joshua Cauvel
Joshua Cauvel
Technical Program Manager
NREC 215
Portrait of Dana Chaffin
Dana Chaffin
Senior Administrative Coordinator
(412) 683-4052
NREC 219
Portrait of Hershel Chafin
Hershel Chafin
Cloud Systems Engineer
NREC 242
Portrait of Jonathan Chang
Jonathan Chang
Senior Robotics Engineer
(559) 242-6459
NREC 258
Portrait of Jieshi Chen
Jieshi Chen
Senior Research Analyst
(412) 268-3818
3123 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Sarah Conte
Sarah Conte
Academic Program Manager
4121 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Keyla C. Cook
Keyla C. Cook
Administrative Assistant II
(412) 268-3078
4115 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Tina Cozzoli
Tina Cozzoli
Research and Business Administrator
(412) 268-7607
4105 Newell-Simon Hall
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Katarina Cujic
Software / Robotics Engineer
2103 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Ryan Danko
Ryan Danko
Technician II
Placeholder Portrait Image
Melanie Danver
Senior Animation Designer
4503 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Manash Pratim Das
Manash Pratim Das
Research Associate II
1612A Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Don Dayak
Don Dayak
Senior Windows Administrator
(412) 681-6900
NREC 245
Portrait of Jaime De Los Rios
Jaime De Los Rios
Electrical Engineer
NREC 255
Portrait of M. Christine DeCarolis
M. Christine DeCarolis
Senior Recruiter
(412) 681-6900
NREC 228
Placeholder Portrait Image
Zachary DeCarolis
Data Labeler
Portrait of Justin R. Decheck
Justin R. Decheck
Senior Electronics Technician
(412) 759-0146
Portrait of Lorraine Dergance
Lorraine Dergance
Administrative Coordinator
NREC 207
Portrait of Mary Beatrice Dias
Mary Beatrice Dias
Co-director of Outreach, The CREATE Lab
(412) 268-2568
4627 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Paul S. Dille
Paul S. Dille
Senior Research Programmer / Analyst
(412) 268-3818
LL127 Collaborative Innovation Center
Portrait of Christine Downey
Christine Downey
Administrative Assistant II
(412) 268-4800
226 Elliot Dunlap Smith Hall
Portrait of Kelly Downing
Kelly Downing
Assistant Director, NREC Contracts and Partnerships
NREC 225