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Robotics Institute Research Guide

The following document summarizes activities undertaken with key research themes across the Robotics Institute, primarily during the 2005 – 2010 time-period, which are identified in Table 3.2. Across these research themes, faculty carry out research in multiple areas – see Table 3.1. This document will cover each of these research areas, detailing the research-focus, identifying the key personnel involved in main research thrusts, highlighting key accomplishments, providing research/system details/publication/movie links and details on planned activities (if appropriate). Much of the research in the RI is connected with research in the other units of SCS and other colleges. Accordingly, we also provide details on current ongoing interdisciplinary and multi-unit (within and outside of SCS/CIT and CMU) efforts.

Following the traditionally interdisciplinary nature of the RI, there is considerable overlap between the faculty groups involved in different research themes. Collaboration among the faculty is facilitated by an informal grouping of faculty into overlapping “centers”, whether these are self-forming or structured due to funding arrangements (e.g. NSF-ERCs, etc.). The centers facilitate the sharing of projects, students, and dissemination tools among groups of faculty with common interests. The centers also each hold their own seminar series. With the exception of the NREC, the centers do not constitute separate administrative entities.

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