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George A. Kantor

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Senior Systems Scientist
Office: 1101 Newell-Simon Hall
Phone: (412) 268-7084
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Administrative Assistant: Lynnetta J. Miller
Associated Center: FRC

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The control of dynamical systems becomes increasingly important as the era of robotics research dominated by quasi-static machines rapidly comes to a close. Similarly, the importance of state estimation grows as robotic applications require robots to function in larger, more complex environments. My research addresses both of these issues by focusing on the dual problems of controlling robotic mechanisms with non-trivial dynamics and perceiving the state of world through indirect measurements. My approach is both analytical and experimental: I use mathematics to understand the physical behavior of a given system and then use that understanding to create algorithms for control or estimation. I strive to develop new theoretical concepts and translate them into real-world implementations that solve problems such as balancing an unstable robot or estimating the location of an autonomous vehicle.

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