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Urban Search and Rescue

Portrait of Urban Search and Rescue
Head: Katia Sycara
Contact: Lori R Price
Associated Lab: Advanced Agent - Robotics Technology Lab
Last Project Publication Year: 2016

To address the challenges of urban search and rescue, we propose Hybrid Teams of Autonomous Agents: Cyber Agents, Robots and People (CARPs) consisting of large number of these entities that are distributed in space, time, capability, and roles. We move away from the traditional human-controlled design of automation, where automated systems are subordinate to their human controllers who give them their goals and tasks and manage task execution. Instead, we advocate a cooperative control (adjustable autonomy) paradigm where current notions of organizational control and system interactions are extended based on adaptive sharing.

The various members of CARP groups, be they human, robots or cyber-agents, share common goals; initiative for communication and action, responsibility for coherent group activity; information on the environment, mission, situation; and share in helping each other in overcoming barriers to achievement of common goals. Ad hoc interoperability across different agents, teams and organizations are brought together “as is”, and co-adaptation to each other addresses the challenges present in such large-scale, uncertain coordination domains.

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Texture-based Fruit Detection via Images using the Smooth Patterns on the Fruit
Zania Pothen and Stephen T. Nuske

Conference Paper, IEEE conference on Robotics and Automation, May, 2016
Heterogeneous Multirobot Coordination with Spatial and Temporal Constraints
Mary Koes, Illah Nourbakhsh and Katia Sycara

Conference Paper, Proceedings of the Twentieth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), pp. 1292-1297, June, 2005
Human-Robot Teaming for Search and Rescue
Illah Nourbakhsh, Katia Sycara, Mary Koes, Mark Yong and Steve Burion

Journal Article, IEEE Pervasive Computing: Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems, pp. 72-78, January, 2005
Communication Efficiency in Multi-agent Systems
Mary Koes, Illah Nourbakhsh and Katia Sycara

Conference Paper, Proceedings of ICRA 2004, Vol. 3, pp. 2129 - 2134, May, 2004
A learning algorithm for localizing people based on wireless signal strength that uses labeled and unlabeled data
Mary Koes, Brennan Peter Sellner, Brad Lisien, Geoffrey Gordon and Frank Pfennig

Conference Paper, Proceedings of the Sixteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), January, 2003

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