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Integrating Intelligent Assistants into Human Teams (Joccasta)
Contact: Joseph Andrew Giampapa

In order to increase team decision making in the area of joint mission planning, we are incorporating intelligent software assistants into human teams. This
Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative
(MURI) brings together the Software Agents Group at Carnegie Mellon University, the Software Engineering Institute’s research on multimedia information delivery, the Performance Studies Team at the Naval Air Warfare Training Systems Division, the University of Pittsburgh, and the NRL.

Our software assistants can anticipate the information needs of their human team members, prepare and communicate task information, adapt to changes in situation and changes to the capabilities of other team members, and effectively support team member mobility.

This research has implications for other types of planning teams that comprise multidisciplinary experts, including civilian emergency response, management, and single service military teams.

This project is sponsored by the Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative

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