Master of Science in Robotics (MSR) – How To Apply

Application Questions

Most application questions (deadlines, document submission, TOEFL/GRE score questions, etc.) will be answered by visiting the SCS – Master’s Admission Frequently Asked Questions page. The MSR program application is available via School of Computer Science’s graduate application portal.

The application opens in September and closes mid-December for the upcoming fall incoming class.


It is each student’s personal responsibility to arrive with, or to acquire rapidly thereafter, basic understanding (at the level of an introductory undergraduate course) in the following areas:

  • Mathematics: calculus, linear algebra, numerical analysis, probability and statistics
  • Computer Science: programming, data structures, algorithms
  • Physics and Engineering: mechanics, dynamics, electricity and magnetism, optics

Financial Assistance

Students in the Master’s degree program are expected to be self-supporting, either on their own or through their employer.

Graduate Online Application Portal

Applications for the Master of Science in Robotics Program can be submitted using the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science Graduate Online Application portal.
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