The degree requirements for students in the Master’s of Science in Robotics Research Program (MSR) at Carnegie Mellon University consist of core course requirements, elective courses, and supervised research culminating in a public thesis talk and a Master’s Thesis document.

The MSR program is designed to be completed nominally in two full years (24 months), with exceptional trajectories as described below for the fifth-year Master’s Research option available to current Carnegie Mellon undergraduates, and for Carnegie Mellon staff who are taking courses and conducting research part-time while performing staff duties.

The MSR program does not provide or guarantee funding; students are expected to secure two years’ of funds to pay for their educational costs. It is Robotics Institute policy that incoming students may not receive funding (via a research assistantship or otherwise) their first semester unless the funding is outlined in their offer letter. Offer letters may be updated until April 1st. Fifth Year students can begin the summer after bachelor degree completion and count that as their first semester in the program if enrolled in 36 units of on-campus research with approval of their research advisor.

The Master’s Thesis requirement is satisfied through the oversight of the Master’s Committee, formed from faculty and students at The Robotics Institute who read and approve the Master’s Thesis document and attend and approve the public thesis presentation, as described below.

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