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Assistant Professor
Office: 4525 Newell-Simon Hall
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Administrative Assistant: Lynnetta J. Miller
Lab: Intelligent Control Lab

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The ultimate goal of my research is to build intelligent and autonomous robots that think, behave and interact with the world in the way that human beings do, so that they can better serve, assist and collaborate with people in their daily lives across work, home and leisure.

The fundamental research question is to ensure those robots operate efficiently and safely in a human-involved environment. I am interested in addressing the microscopic aspect of the problem, e.g. the design of the behavior system (i.e. a mapping from observation to action) for single robot, as well as the macroscopic aspect of the problem, e.g. the analysis and validation of the human-robot system from a multi-agent perspective. Such human-robot system can be human-robot collaboration system in production lines, future transportation system with both automated and human-driven vehicles, or general cyber physical social system (CPSS).

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