November 16, 2023   

ARM Annual Meeting Award Ceremony
Congratulations to Changliu Liu for receiving the 2023 ARM Champion Award!

The ARM Champion Award Program is an effort to recognize members of the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute who go above and beyond. Changliu has made a substantial impact to ARM through her work in robot safety.

The ultimate goal of my research is to build intelligent and autonomous robots that think, behave and interact with the world in the way that human beings do, so that they can better serve, assist and collaborate with people in their daily lives across work, home and leisure.

The fundamental research question is to ensure those robots operate efficiently and safely in a human-involved environment.

– Changliu Liu

Launched in 2021, past recipients include Juan Aparicio (previously of READY Robotics) and Debbie Franklin (Wichita State University), Matt Robinson (Southwest Research Institute and ROS-Industrial) and Brian Wilson (Duro UAS).

Changliu was recognized at the Annual ARM Member meeting on November 15, 2023.