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Srinivasan Vijayarangan

Portrait of Srinivasan Vijayarangan
Senior Research Programmer / Analyst
Office: 2203 Newell-Simon Hall
Phone: (412) 837-9004
Advisor: David Wettergreen
Associated Center: FRC

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Field Experiments in Robotic Subsurface Science with Long Duration Autonomy
Srinivasan Vijayarangan, David Kohanbash, Greydon Foil, Kris Zacny, Nathalie Cabrol and David Wettergreen

Conference Paper, Field and Service Robotics. Springer Proceedings in Advanced Robotics, Vol. 5, pp. 515-529, September, 2017
High-throughput Robotic Phenotyping of Energy Sorghum Crops
Srinivasan Vijayarangan, Paloma Sodhi, Prathamesh Kini, James Bourne, Simon Du, Hanqi Sun, Barnabas Poczos, Dimitrios (Dimi) Apostolopoulos and David Wettergreen

Conference Paper, Field and Service Robotics, September, 2017
In-field Segmentation and Identification of Plant Structures using 3D Imaging
Paloma Sodhi, Srinivasan Vijayarangan and David Wettergreen

Conference Paper, IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, September, 2017