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Norman Papernick

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Research Programmer
Office: NREC 285
Phone: (412) 303-3009
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Associated Center: NREC

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I am interested in image matching and recognition, distributed multimedia (text, image, geospatial) searches, and wearable devices for multimedia collection and searches.

I am the CMU maintainer of the TOM File Conversion Server http://tom.cs.cmu.edu

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Informedia at TRECVID 2003: Analyzing and Searching Broadcast News Video
Alex Hauptmann, Dorbin Ng, Robert Baron, M-Y. Chen, Michael Christel, Pinar Duygulu, C. Huang, W-H. Lin, Howard Wactlar, N. Moraveji, Norman Papernick, C.G.M. Snoek, G. Tzanetakis, Jie Yang, R. Yan and R. Jin

Conference Paper, Proceedings of (VIDEO) TREC 2003 (Twelfth Text Retrieval Conference), November, 2003