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Portrait of Maria Manuela Veloso
Courtesy Faculty Emerita, CS / MLD
Office: 7002 Gates and Hillman Centers
Phone: (412) 268-1474
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We are developing algorithms for automatically tracking and modeling the behavior of multiagent systems.

CoBot Mobile Service Robots

Our CoBot robots follow a novel symbiotic autonomy, in which the robots are aware of their perceptual, physical, and reasoning limitations and proactively ask for help from humans.

Mobile Autonomous Robot Software

Develop complete, effective and scalable software for autonomous robot teams. Demonstrate robot teams with integrated action, perception, reasoning, communication and cooperative strategies that solve complex multiagent tasks.

The Minnow Robot

We are interested in building and studying teams of robots operating in dynamic and uncertain environments.

Treasure Hunt: Pickup Teams

We are developing a single heterogeneous human-robot team capable of effectively locating objects of interest (treasure) spread over a complex, previously unknown environment.

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