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Office: 4519 Newell-Simon Hall
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I’m a project scientist for the Cabot Project which aims to build a guiding robot for people with visual impairments.

My research goal is to augment a person’s ability to expand the possibility of their everyday life through human-computer interaction design and development utilizing state-of-art computer technologies and also the power of community. I’ve been working for Accessibility Research Group in IBM Research since 2005 and explored augmentation of information access for people with visually impaired people and also aging population, and extended research area from cyber-world to real-world, recent years.

The current research focus is on augmented interaction with real-world for people with visually impaired by utilizing mobile sensor-fusion, speech and text analysis, computer vision, and also physical mobile robot.

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Virtual Navigation for Blind People: Transferring Route Knowledge to the Real-World
Joao Guerreiro, Kris Kitani, Daisuke Sato, Eshed Ohn-Bar, Chieko Asakawa and Dragan Ahmetovic

Journal Article, International Journal of Human - Computer Studies, submitted July 2018, July, 2018
Smartphone-based Localization for Blind Navigation in Building-Scale Indoor Environments
Masayuki Murata, Dragan Ahmetovic, Daisuke Sato, Hironobu Takagi, Kris M. Kitani and Chieko Asakawa

Journal Article, Pervasive and Mobile Computing (PMC) Journal, submitted June 2018, June, 2018
Smartphone-based Indoor Localization for Blind Navigation across Building Complexes
Masayuki M Murata, Daisuke Sato, Dragan Ahmetovic, Hironobu Takagi, Kris M. Kitani and Chieko Asakawa

Conference Paper, IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom 2018), Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 10, March, 2018