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Research Professor / Head of Faculty Mentoring
Home Department: RI
Office: 4533 Newell-Simon Hall
Phone: (412) 268-6346
Administrative Assistant: Peggy A. Martin
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My specialty is human-robot interaction and advanced transportation. I am interested in how to enable timely and appropriate interaction when interfaces are restricted through design, tasks, the environment, time pressures, and/or user abilities. I utilize training and experience in robotics, intelligent transportation, rehabilitation, human factors and ergonomics, human-computer interaction, universal design, and research methods. My two core areas of interest are:

Assisting Humans: Advanced technology offers new opportunities for helping people live, work, and travel around their community.

Appropriate Robot Behavior: End users expect appropriate robot actions, interventions, and requests for help.

I have extensive experience with the design and execution of evaluation experiments for complex human-in-the-loop systems. Examples of past work includes human-machine interaction and interfaces for robots, advanced transportation, machine learning systems, and software agents.

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Assistive Robots for Blind Travelers

As robotics technology evolves to a stage where co-robots, or robots that can work with humans, become a reality, we need to ensure that these co-robots are equally capable of interacting with humans with disabilities. This project addresses this challenge by exploring meaningful human-robot interaction (HRI) in the context of assistive robots for blind travelers.

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