Portrait of Education e-Village
Head: M. Bernardine Dias
Contact: Ermine A Teves
Associated Lab: Field Robotics Center (FRC)
This Project is no longer active.

Education e-Village (E-Village) is a TechBridgeWorld project aiming to create an online community for technology and development education. E-Village is motivated by the need for relevant, accessible, and useful resources to enhance technology education in developing regions. The goals of the project are to design, implement, launch, and evaluate an online virtual community of educators that addresses these needs. Specifically, E-Village aims to provide useful resources and supportive interactions that can empower individuals and organizations dedicated to enhancing university-level technology education in developing communities.

Through this online community, TechBridgeWorld envisions instructors from around the world sharing ideas, experiences, expertise, educational resources, and strategies customized for effective technology education in developing regions. Instructors will benefit from course materials and curricula made available by members of the E-Village community, contribute their own resources or ideas towards extending and evaluating existing resources, share best practices relevant to teaching computing technology in under-resourced settings, seek or offer advice on particular topics or issues, and learn about publication opportunities, conferences, funding sources, professional organizations, and other opportunities for advancing their educational offerings and professional growth. Most importantly, the E-Village community members will own the community in terms of driving, creating, and using its content.

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Past Project People

  • Balajee Kannan
  • Malcolm Frederick Dias
  • Ermine A Teves
  • Sarah M Belousov