Carnegie Mellon Robot, Art Project To Land on Moon in 2021

CMU Becomes Space-Faring University With Payloads Aboard Astrobotic Lander PITTSBURGH—Carnegie Mellon University is going to the moon, sending a robotic rover and an intricately designed arts package that will land in July 2021. The four-wheeled robot is being developed by a CMU team led by William “Red” Whittaker, professor in the Robotics Institute. Equipped with [...]

Admoni, Nourbakhsh Prime for Discussion on AI

By Michael Henninge As the house lights rise in the O'Reilly Theater, actress Jill Tanner begins her performance as the titular character in the show "Marjorie Prime." She's dressed casually, and speaking to a much younger man in a full suit — a holographic representation of her late husband. He's a youthful, AI version of [...]

Pitt and CMU To Create Autonomous Robotic Trauma Care System

PITTSBURGH—The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Carnegie Mellon University each have been awarded four-year contracts totaling more than $7.2 million from the U.S. Department of Defense to create an autonomous trauma care system that fits in a backpack and can treat and stabilize soldiers injured in remote locations. The goal of TRAuma Care [...]

Martial Hebert reappointed as Director of Robotics Institute

Martial Hebert, Director, Robotics Institute Tom M. Mitchell, Founders University Professor, Interim Dean, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University announced today that Martial Hebert has agreed to serve an additional five year term as Director of the Robotics Institute.

Carnegie Mellon Educational Software Slated for Pilot Project in Zambia

Finalist in Global Learning XPRIZE Lets Kids Teach Themselves Reading, Writing, Math     PITTSBURGH—RoboTutor LLC, a team based at Carnegie Mellon University that was a finalist in the $15 million Global Learning XPRIZE, has announced that its educational apps will be used to teach 10,000 children basic reading, writing and mathematical skills in the [...]

RI in the News: Universities driving robotics research and development

Researchers at multiple universities are developing and researchering potential uses for robots in industries such as inspection, medical, and automotive. By Tanya M. Anandan Robotic Industries Association (RIA) and Robotics Online April 26, 2019 Courtesy: Carnegie Mellon University/RIA Several universities are driving robotics research and continue to attract and recruit renowned faculty to their robotics [...]

Girls of Steel Preparing for FIRST Robotics Finals Competition

Team brings home two awards from Greater Pittsburgh Regional Girls of Steel 2019 The Girls of Steel, a robotics team sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University’s Field Robotics Center, won two awards at the FIRST Robotics Competition Greater Pittsburgh Regional, qualifying the team and its robot, Laika, for the finals in Detroit. The team [...]

Smell Something, Say Something: Carnegie Mellon and Seventh Generation Partner to Take Action Against Air Pollution with “Smell MyCity” App

Smell MyCity app leverages data and technology to empower citizens to track air pollution in their communities and become advocates for better air quality BURLINGTON, VT / LOUISVILLE, KY – March 28, 2019 – Seventh Generation, a leading household and personal care products company and pioneer in the environmentally conscious products space, today announced a [...]

Choset To Receive Engelberger Robotics Award

Honor Recognizes Excellence in Robotics, Service to Humankind Byron Spice Wednesday, March 6, 2019 Howie Choset, the Kavčić-Moura Professor of Computer Science, will receive the 2019 Engelberger Robotics Award for Education. Howie Choset, the Kavčić-Moura Professor of Computer Science, will receive the prestigious 2019 Engelberger Robotics Award for Education. The award recognizes his [...]

CMU’s Zoe Rover Shows Robots Can Find Subterranean Organisms

Mission in Chile's Atacama Desert Will Aid Search for Life on Mars Byron Spice Thursday, February 28, 2019 An autonomous rover designed and built by the Robotics Institute drilled into the soil of the Atacama Desert in 2013 and discovered unusual, highly specialized microbes. An autonomous rover named Zoë, designed and built by [...]