Published: May 16, 2019    Author:

This week at the Web4All Conference in San Francisco, Dragan Ahmetovic and Saki Asakawa presented the following papers:

“Impact of Expertise on Interaction Preferences for Navigation Assistance of Visually Impaired Individuals”
Dragan Ahmetovic, João Guerreiro, Eshed Ohn-Bar, Kris Kitani, Chieko Asakawa

“An Independent and Interactive Museum Experience for Blind People”
Saki Asakawa, João Guerreiro, Daisuke Sato, Hironobu Takagi, Dragan Ahmetovic, Desi Gonzalez, Kris Kitani, Chieko Asakawa

Congratulations to Dragan for receiving the award for Best Technical Paper!

Photo of Researchers at Web4All 2019