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Anne Wright

Portrait of Anne Wright
Director of Operations, Bodytrack
Office: 3106 Newell-Simon Hall
Phone: (412) 268-3818
Associated Lab: CREATE: Community Robotics, Education and Technology Empowerment

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Reflections on the BodyTrack Project
Anne Wright

Tech. Report, CMU-RI-TR-16-46, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, June, 2016
Respawn: A Distributed Multi-resolution Time-Series Datastore
M. Buevich, A. Wright, R. Sargent and A. Rowe

Conference Paper, 2013 IEEE 34th Real-Time Systems Symposium, pp. 288-297, November, 2013
Mapping Disaster Zones
Illah Nourbakhsh, Randy Sargent, Anne Wright, Kathryn Cramer, Brian McClendon and Michael Jones

Journal Article, Commentary in Nature, Vol. 439, pp. 787-788, February, 2006
The XBC: a modern low-cost mobile robot controller
Rich LeGrand, Kyle Machulis, David P. Miller, Randy Sargent and Anne Wright

Conference Paper, In Proceedings 2005 IEEE / RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, July, 2005
Instrument Deployment for Mars Rovers
Liam Pedersen, Maria Bualat, Clay Kunz, Susan Lee, Randy Sargent, Richard Washington and Anne Wright

Conference Paper, IEEE Conference on Robotics and Automation 2003, pp. 2535-2542, September, 2003
Fast vision tracking and coordinated control for soccer-playing robots
Randy Sargent, Bill Bailey, Carl Witty, and Anne Wright

Conference Paper, Micro-robot World Cup Soccer Tournament Proceedings, Vol. 21, No. 2, September, 1997
The Importance of Fast Vision in Winning the First Micro-Robot World Cup Soccer Tournament
Randy Sargent, Bill Bailey, Carl Witty, and Anne Wright

Journal Article, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 139 - 147, September, 1997
Attitude and position control using real-time color tracking
D. P. Miller, A. Wright, R. Sargent, R. Cohen and T. Hunt

Conference Paper, AAAI / IAAI, July, 1997
Dynamic Object Capture using Fast Vision Tracking
Randy Sargent, Bill Bailey, Carl Witty, and Anne Wright

Magazine Article, AI Magazine, Vol. 18, No. 1, April, 1997
Interactive C User’s Guide
A. Wright, R. Sargent and C. Witty

Book, July, 1996