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Heads: Brett Browning and Peter Rander
Contact: Brett Browning
Last Project Publication Year: 2012

We are exploring a mix of physics-based and data driven high fidelity sensor modeling techniques. The goal is to develop a system that can provide much more realistic UGV simulation than current techniques. Such simulation will play a crucial role in speeding up the development cycle, and in validating platforms. Sponsored by the US ACE ERDC.

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3D Mapping for high-fidelity unmanned ground vehicle lidar simulation
Brett Browning, Jean-Emmanuel Deschaud, David Prasser and Peter Rander

Journal Article, International Journal of Robotics Research, Vol. 31, No. 12, pp. 1349-1376, October, 2012
The need for high fidelity robotic sensor models
P. Durst, C. Goodin, B. Gates, C. Cummins, B. McKinley, J. Priddy, Peter Rander and Brett Browning

Journal Article, Journal of Robotics, Vol. 2011, January, 2011

Past Project People

  • Malcolm Frederick Dias
  • Jean-Emmanuel Deschaud
  • David Prasser