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Head: Norman Sadeh-Koniecpol
Associated Lab: Intelligent Coordination and Logistics Laboratory
Last Project Publication Year: 2003

The MASCOT (“Multi-Agent Supply Chain COordination Tool”) project extends the agent-based IP3S architecture to support a broader range of supply chain planning and coordination protocols. Empirical evaluation of these new protocols shows that they can lead to substantial performance improvements over the more inflexible coordination mechanisms traditionally relied upon in most supply chains. Raytheon is expected to provide a first pilot environment for this technology.

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Agent-based e-Supply Chain Decision Support
Norman Sadeh-Koniecpol, David W. Hildum and Dag Kjenstad

Journal Article, Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, Vol. 13, No. 3, March, 2003
MASCOT: An Agent-Based Architecture for Coordinated Mixed-Initiative Supply Chain Planning and Scheduling
Norman Sadeh-Koniecpol, David W. Hildum, Dag Kjenstad and Allen Tseng

Workshop Paper, Workshop notes, Agent-Based Decision Support for Managing the Internet-Enabled Supply Chain, Third International Conference on Autonomous Agents (Agents '99), May, 1999

Past Project People

  • Allen Tseng
  • David W Hildum