Portrait of Person-in-Wifi: Fine-grained Person Perception using WiFi
Associated Lab: DeLight
Last Project Publication Year: 2019

WiFi devices as perception sensors are invariant to illumination and privacy-friendly comparing to cameras, while are cheaper, smaller, and more power efficient than radars and LiDARs. In this project, we present the first work that given 1D data received at WiFi antennas, it is possible to reconstruct 2D fine-grained spatial information of human bodies. Our Person-in-WiFi approach is based on off-the-shell WiFi antennas lined-up as regular house-hold WiFi routers, making it very easy to develop perception applications in any indoor environments such as warehouse, hospital, office and home.

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F Wang, S Zhou, S Panev, J Han, D Huang
arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.00276

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Person-in-WiFi: Fine-grained Person Perception using WiFi
Fei Wang, Sanping Zhou, Stanislav Panev, Jinsong Han and Dong Huang

Conference Paper, Proceedings of (ICCV) International Conference on Computer Vision, July, 2019