Portrait of Integrated Process Planning/Production Scheduling
Head: Norman Sadeh-Koniecpol
Associated Lab: Intelligent Coordination and Logistics Laboratory
Last Project Publication Year: 1998

As manufacturing companies increase the level of customization in their product offerings, move towards smaller lot production, and experiment with more flexible customer/supplier arrangements such as those made possible by EDI/Electronic Commerce, they increasingly require the ability to respond quickly, accurately and competitively to customer requests for bids on new products and efficiently work out supplier/subcontractor arrangements for these new products. This in turn requires the ability to rapidly convert standard-based product specifications into process plans and integrate new orders with their process plans into existing production schedules across the supply chain.

The IP3S shell emphasizes blackboard-based support for a broad range of mixed-initiative and workflow management functionalities for agile manufacturing. IP3S has been customized for a Raytheon machine shop where 50% of incoming orders require the generation or revision of process plans and coordination with a tool shop. Experiments with IP3S show an average performance improvement of 23% in solution quality over a more traditional, decoupled approach to building process planning/production scheduling solutions in this environment.

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A Blackboard Architecture for Integrating Process Planning and Production Scheduling
Norman Sadeh-Koniecpol, David W. Hildum, Dag Kjenstad, Allen Tseng, Thomas J. Laliberty and John McA'Nulty

Journal Article, Concurrent Engineering: Research & Applications, Vol. 6, No. 2, June, 1998
Blackboard Agents for Mixed-Initiative Management of Integrated Process-Planning/Production-Scheduling Solutions Across the Supply Chain
David W. Hildum, Norman Sadeh-Koniecpol, Thomas J. Laliberty, John McA'Nulty, Stephen Smith and Dag Kjenstad

Conference Paper, Proceedings of the Ninth Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence (IAAI-97), July, 1997
An Integrated Process-Planning/Production-Scheduling Shell for Agile Manufacturing
Norman Sadeh-Koniecpol, David W. Hildum, Thomas J. Laliberty, Stephen Smith, John McA'Nulty and Dag Kjenstad

Tech. Report, CMU-RI-TR-96-10, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, May, 1996

Past Project People

  • Dag Kjenstad
  • Allen Tseng
  • David W Hildum