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Head: George D. Stetten
Contact: George D. Stetten
Associated Lab: Visualization and Image Analysis
Last Project Publication Year: 2016

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The idea behind FingersightTM is that a miniature video camera and a tactile stimulator can be attached to individual fingertips and, in conjunction with computer-vision algorithms, enable people to interact with the visible world by moving their fingers. Individual fingers, or groups of fingers, can thus point at and “feel” visual features of the environment, allowing the operator to explore, interpret and remotely control it.

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PalmSight: an assistive technology helping the blind to locate and grasp objects
Zhixuan Yu, Samantha J. Horvath, Alexandra Delazio, Jihang Wang, Rebeka Almasi, Roberta Klatzky, John Galeotti and George D. Stetten

Tech. Report, CMU-RI-TR-16-59, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, December, 2016
Fingersight: Fingertip Visual Haptic Sensing and Control
George D. Stetten, Roberta Klatzky, B. Nichol, John Galeotti, K. Rockot, K. Zawrotny, D. Weiser and N. Sendgikoski

Workshop Paper, IEEE International Workshop on Haptic Audio Visual Environments and their Applications (HAVE 2007), October, 2007
Fingertip Vibratory Transducer for Detecting Optical Edges using Regenerative Feedback
K. Zawrotny, A. Craig, D. Weiser, Roberta Klatzky and George D. Stetten

Conference Paper, Proceedings of Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Environment and Teleoperator Systems, IEEE Virtual Reality 2006, pp. 373 - 374, March, 2006

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