///Dense 3D Shape Reconstruction of Complex Dynamic Scene with a Single Monocular Camera 
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VASC Seminar


Hongdong Li Reader/Associate Professor Australian National University
November 20, 2017
3:00 pm
- 4:00 pm
GHC 6501
Dense 3D Shape Reconstruction of Complex Dynamic Scene with a Single Monocular Camera 

Abstract: In this talk, I will describe our recent work (presented at ICCV 2017) on monocular camera based 3D geometry reconstruction of a non-rigid dynamic scene.   We aim to answer an open question in multi-view geometry, namely, “Is it possible to recover the 3D structure of a complex dynamic environment from two image frames captured by a single moving monocular camera?”   Traditional methods for solving this task either employ stereo camera, require multiple image frames of a long video sequence, or assume a pre-segmented deformable object following simple low-order linear shape model.  Contrary to these,  we do not make such strong assumptions;  rather,  we show that: under very mild conditions monocular 3D reconstruction of a complex dynamic scene from two frames is possible.  Our new method achieves the state of the art performance on standard benchmark datasets, including “KITTI” for autonomous driving,  and “Sintel”– an open-source animation movie.   If time allows, at the beginning of the talk, I may also present a brief introduction to other research activities in computer vision at ANU and ACRV.

Bio:  Dr. Hongdong Li is a Reader/Associate Professor with the Computer Vision Group of ANU (Australian National University).  He is also a Chief Investigator of ACRV (Australia Centre for Robotic Vision).   His research interests include 3D vision reconstruction, visual perception for robot navigation, as well as mathematical optimization in computer vision.  He teaches “Computer Vision” and “Robotics” courses at the ANU.  During 2009-2010 as a NICTA Scientist he worked on the “Australia Bionic Eyes” project – whose goal is to develop an artificial retina implant to help blind and visually impaired people to restore vision.  Dr Li is an Associate Editor for IEEE T-PAMI, has served Program Committees in recent ICCV, ECCV and CVPR and was a winner of a prestigious IEEE CVPR Best Paper Award,   ICCV Marr Prize  (honorable mention),   ICPR Best Paper Award and  IEEE ICIP Best Student Paper Award, alongside several other paper awards jointly with students and coauthors.   He was a Program Co-Chair for ACRA 2015 – Australia Conference on Robotics and Automation, and is a Program Co-Chair for ACCV 2018.

Homepage:  users.cecs.anu.edu.au/~hongdong/