///BS plus MS in Robotics (Accelerated Graduate Program)
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BS plus MS in Robotics (Accelerated Graduate Program)

The RI Accelerated Graduate Program (also referred to as the “Fifth Year Program”) provides Carnegie Mellon undergraduates an alternative admission process to the existing Master’s of Science in Robotics (MSR) program. This quicker admission path into the MSR program allows Carnegie Mellon students to better utilize their undergraduate years to make progress toward completing the Masters degree.

As with the regular admission process, the high standards for admissions include strong evidence of research potential based on close interaction with one or more faculty – whether in projects, summer jobs, or advanced classes. If admitted to this program, undergraduates then become involved with research that broadens their undergraduate experience.

The application deadline is December 1 in the fall semester of the student’s senior year. Official notification of admission decisions will be given before the beginning of the spring semester. The goal is to confirm acceptance prior to the normal job search and graduate school acceptance times.

Early admission also allows students to tailor the remainder of their undergraduate program to prepare for the MSR program. While rare, admitted undergraduates may complete their Master’s of Science in Robotics (MSR) degree in their “fifth year”, (with a minimum of three semesters). Students wishing to complete the program in their “fifth year” must have the four core courses completed and a research advisor selected upon completion of their undergraduate degree. They take the next three semesters (summer, fall and spring) to complete the three elective courses, 84 units of research and thesis requirements.

The majority of students admitted via the Accelerated Graduate Program take longer than three semesters to complete the MSR degree requirements; reasons include but are not limited to: students starting their research in the fall (not the summer) after completing their bachelor’s degree and/or not completing all four (or any) of the core course requirements. Students are eligible to utilize the entire 24 month MSR program duration time to complete their program requirements.

It is strongly recommended that students choose a research advisor prior to applying.

Benefits to Students

  • Find out admission early in the graduate school application process
  • Bypass the tedious process of filling out applications and taking the GRE’s for other graduate programs
  • Complete the MSR program quickly, jump starting their careers
  • Provide an opportunity to work with RI faculty members on in-depth projects


For additional information, contact Barbara (B.J.) Fecich (barbarajean@cmu.edu, (412) 268-9956).