June 3, 2022   

Research from Carnegie Mellon University took home top honors at the 2022 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) last month.


The ICRA is among the largest and most prestigious robotics conferences. More than 3,000 papers were submitted to the conference and about 1,500 were presented. Students, faculty and staff from the School of Computer Science and the College of Engineering won two best paper awards and have five nominated.


The winning papers are

Kevin Dai, Xinyu Wang, Allison M. Rojas, Evan Harber, Yu Tian, Nicholas Paiva, Joseph Gnehm, Evan Schindewolf, Howie Choset, Victoria A. Webster-Wood and Lu Li


Lipu Zhou, Guoquan (Paul) Huang, Yinian Mao, Shengze Wang and Michael Kaess


Other nominated papers are

Shivam Vats, Oliver Kroemer,Maxim Likhachev


Samuel Triest, Matthew Sivaprakasam, Sean J. Wang, Wenshan Wang, Aaron M. Johnson and Sebastian Scherer


Sharfin Islam, Kamal Carter, Justin Yim, James Kyle, Sarah Bergbreiter and Aaron M. Johnson


Read more about TartanDrive and the ADL Planner on the SCS News website.


Additionally, Alberto Rodriguez, an associate professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who earned his Ph.D. in robotics from SCS, won a best paper award for his work on manipulation of unknown objects through contact configuration regulation.


This year’s ICRA was its first in-person conference since the start of the pandemic. Held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Nearly 8,000 people participated with about 4,700 doing so in-person. According to the conference, when it was last hosted in Philadelphia 34 years ago, it drew around 300 people.