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Undergraduate Minor in Robotics


The Undergraduate Minor in Robotics is open to students in all colleges of the University. Students enrolled in this minor will be exposed to, and hopefully interact with, the robotics research efforts of Carnegie Mellon. This minor provides a focal point for all undergraduates who are interested in robotics at Carnegie Mellon.

The Robotics Minor Application Form signs you up for the robotics minor and adds you to the email list.

The Robotics Minor Certification Form requests that you have your robotics minor reviewed for certification upon graduation.

The robotics minor will have a prerequisite: knowledge of C language, basic programming skills, and familiarity with basic algorithms. Students can gain this knowledge by taking 15-123 Effective Programming in C and UNIX (9 Units).

A central course for the minor is Introduction to Robotics (16-311). This course gives students the big picture of what is going on in robotics. The minor also has two other required courses: (1) a controls class and (2) a manipulation class. These courses provide students with the necessary intuition and technical background to move on to more advanced robotics courses. The minor also requires two electives. Students may satisfy one, and only one, of the elective requirements with an independent research project. Students can satisy one or both electives with an approved Robotics Institute course or any higher course with a robotics theme. Students must have course selection approved by the director of the minor by filling out the application form.

 Required Courses

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