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Stephen T. Nuske

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Adjunct Faculty
Phone: (412) 268-5901
Associated Center: FRC
Associated Lab: Air Lab

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Full publication list and research information can be found at my personal website.

My research interests are with the design of computer vision systems practical for field robotic applications. Computer vision, although a very promising perceptual tool, has been under-utilized in field robotics because of the difficulties creating reliable systems. It is the harsh nature of the environments that is especially challenging for computer vision systems. There are field robotic applications where computer vision is the only feasible perceptual mechanism due to its small size, low weight, long working range, and the rich nature of the information it provides. Therefore it is essential to keep researching ways to improve the performance of computer vision systems under challenging conditions in order to further progress the development of field robotics.

My PhD work on visual localization – while I was at the CSIRO Autonomous Systems Lab and the University of Queensland, Australia – demonstrated that visual systems can in fact perform well in outdoor environments where historically lasers and other range sensors were thought to be the only possible sensory modalities for building reliable robotic systems.

My current work at the Carnegie Mellon University – Field Robotics Center is on visual localization, visual tracking and visual scene and object segmentation for both small UAVs and ground-based agricultural vehicles.

Displaying 4 Publications
Early-season Vineyard Shoot and Leaf Estimation Using Computer Vision
Harjatin Singh Baweja, Tanvir Parhar and Stephen Nuske

Conference Paper, 2017 ASABE Annual International Meeting, November, 2017
StalkNet: A Deep Learning Pipeline for High-Throughput Measurement of Plant Stalk Count and Stalk Width
Harjatin Singh Baweja, Tanvir Parhar, Omeed Mirbod and Stephen Nuske

Journal Article, Springer Proceedings in Advanced Robotics, Vol. 5, November, 2017
Autonomous Semantic Exploration Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Sankalp Arora, Geetesh Dubey, Sezal Jain, Daniel Maturana, Song Yu, Stephen Nuske and Sebastian Scherer

Conference Paper, In Workshop on Vision-based Control and Navigation of Small, Lightweight UAVs, October, 2015
Perception for a River Mapping Robot
Andrew Chambers, Supreeth Achar, Stephen Nuske, Joern Rehder, Bernd Kitt, Lyle Chamberlain, Justin Haines, Sebastian Scherer and Sanjiv Singh

Conference Paper, In Workshop on 3D Exploration, Mapping, and Surveillance with Aerial Robots, RSS 2011, June, 2011