Portrait of Ryad Benosman
Adjunct Faculty
Home Department: RI
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I work on Neuromorphic Event based Vision, my lab develops several event based cameras and associated computer vision and machine learning algorithms with the goal to build complete neuromorphic systems (sensors, brain-like computation devices, brain and retina prosthetics , and algorithms). My interest is to solve open problems both in robot navigation, object recognition, medecine, life long learning, robotics and general AI. I develop event based SLAM, tracking, object recognition, using neuromoprhic time based techniques that I pioneered a decade ago.

The neuromorphic ATIS event-based vision sensor (left) takes in a traffic intersection (right)[top]. The sensor outputs a measurement only when the light striking a pixel shifts by a preset amount. When the light level crosses that threshold, circuitry attached to the pixel produces a change-detection event and triggers an illuminance measurement, encoded by the interval between two more events. The results for the entire pixel array can be viewed for a given time slice, but only changing pixels contribute to these images: the positive and negative level-crossing events [white and black, respectively, middle right] and associated illuminance measurements [nonblack areas, bottom right]


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Recent Patents
1. 3D electrodes for retina stimulation, FR 10 53381 (licensed to Pixium Vision),
2. Method of controlling a Visual restoration device FR 11 54116 (licensed to Pixium Vision and Gensight Biologics),
3. Event-based 3D reconstruction of scenes from Event-based cameras, FR 11 61320 (licensed to Chrono- cam),
4. Event-based Optical flow from an event based camera FR 11 62137 (licensed to Chronocam and Gensight Biologics)
5. Event-based Iterative closest point for visual tracking FR 13 53838 (licensed to Chronocam),
6. Device to visualize a sequence of image from an event based camera FR1452557 (licensed to Pixium Vision and Gensight Biologics)
7. Method to display an event based scene for visualization and retina stimulation FR1559601 (licensed to Pixium Vision and Gensight Biologics),
8. Event based Iterative Fast Fourrier Transform TFD Iterative FR1552154 (Licensed to Chonolife),
9. Event based stereo matching FR1552155 (licensed to Chronocam),
10. A Hierarchy Of event-based Time-Surfaces for pattern recognition, pending (option for licensing from Chronocam),
11. Passive subretinal implant using an Active Shunt, pending (option for licensing from Pixium Vision),
12. Downsampling-Asynchronousspatio-temporaldownsamplingforlowresolutionretinalprostheses,EP15306193 22-07-2015 (licensed to Pixium Vision),
13. Software libATIS (SDK) (licensed to Chronocam),
14. Software KaER (SDK) (licensed to Chronocam),
15. Spike Time Interval Computational Kernel, a Framework for General Purpose Computation Using Neu- rons, Precise Timing, Delays, and Synchrony, FR1556659, 13-07-2015, (licensed to Brainiac)

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