/Anthony M. Digioia III, MD

Anthony M. Digioia III, MD

Portrait of Anthony M. Digioia III, MD
Adjunct Faculty
Associated Lab: Surgical Mechatronics Laboratory

Mailing Address

I am a practicing orthopaedic surgeon:

Clinic office:
Renaissance Orthopaedics, PC
Mellon Pavilion, Suite 252
4815 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
vox: (412) 683 7272
fax: (412) 683 0341

I have developed a series of educational conferences to train practicing orthopaedic surgeons. One example is the MIS meets CAOS Symposium Series and is the first ever conference that merges the concepts of less and minimally invasive surgery and computer assisted orthopaedic surgery. This conference series was specifically developed to educate surgeons on these new techniques and technologies and focuses on the development of less and minimally invasive surgery for partial and total joint replacement. I have also recently developed a new Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC) conference series which brings together all constituencies focusing on technology and re-engineering of processes coupled with unique training and educational programs in order to develop innovative solutions to support PFCC. The goal of this conference series is to ultimately improve every phase of healthcare delivery with the focus on the patients’ experience. In addition, I am conducting Arthritis Fairs geared towards patient education. The goal of the Arthritis Fair is to provide participants with information that will improve communication and knowledge so that physicians and patients can make informed choices regarding conservative and operative treatments of arthritis.

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