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Portrait of Raunaq Bhirangi
Raunaq Bhirangi
MSR Student
Advisors: Howie Choset and Matthew J. Travers
Portrait of Abhijat Biswas
Abhijat Biswas
MSR Student
4502 Newell-Simon Hall
Advisors: Henny Admoni and Aaron Steinfeld
Portrait of Benedikt Boecking
Benedikt Boecking
PhD Student
3110 Newell-Simon Hall
Advisor: Artur W. Dubrawski
Portrait of Rogerio Bonatti
Rogerio Bonatti
PhD Student
2102 Newell-Simon Hall
Advisor: Sebastian Scherer
Portrait of Blake Buchanan
Blake Buchanan
MSR Student
Advisor: Howie Choset
Portrait of Paulo C. Camasmie
Paulo C. Camasmie
MRSD Student
Portrait of Alberto Candela Garza
Alberto Candela Garza
PhD Student
2211 Newell-Simon Hall
Advisor: David Wettergreen
Portrait of Chao Cao
Chao Cao
MSR Student
4228 Newell-Simon Hall
Advisor: John M. Dolan
Portrait of Ellen Cappo
Ellen Cappo
PhD Student
(412) 268-3818
2209 Newell-Simon Hall
Advisor: Nathan Michael
Portrait of Satyaki Chakraborty
Satyaki Chakraborty
MSR Student
4228 Newell-Simon Hall
Advisor: Martial Hebert
Portrait of Sharvani Chandu
Sharvani Chandu
MSCV Student / Teaching Assistant
Portrait of Ming-Fang Chang
Allie Chang
PhD Student
1502A Newell-Simon Hall
Advisors: Simon Lucey and Michael Kaess
Portrait of Nai Chen Chang
Nadine Chang
PhD Student
222 Elliot Dunlap Smith Hall
Advisors: Martial Hebert and Michael Tarr
Portrait of Angela J. Chao
Angela J. Chao
MRSD Student
Portrait of Ishani Chatterjee
Ishani Chatterjee
PhD Student
1615 Newell-Simon Hall
Advisors: Maxim Likhachev and Manuela Veloso
Portrait of Raghu Aditya Kiran Chavali
Raghu Aditya Kiran Chavali
Graduate Research Assistant, MechE
A403 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Chengqian Che
Chengqian Che
PhD Student
220 Elliot Dunlap Smith Hall
Advisor: Ioannis Gkioulekas
Portrait of Tao Chen
Tao Chen
MSR Student / Teaching Assistant
235 Elliot Dunlap Smith Hall
Advisor: Abhinav Gupta
Placeholder Portrait Image
Wanyi Chen
Undergraduate Research Assistant, CIT
A403 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Xia (Stanley) Chen
Xia (Stanley) Chen
MSR Student
Advisor: Martial Hebert
Portrait of Xudong Chen
Xudong Chen
MSCV Student
Portrait of Yujia Chen
Yujia Chen
MSCV Student
Placeholder Portrait Image
Allen Cheng
MSR Student
Advisor: Maxim Likhachev
Portrait of Xianyi Cheng
Xianyi Cheng
MSR Student
A519 Newell-Simon Hall
Advisor: Matthew T. Mason