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Portrait of Trenton Tabor
Trenton Tabor
Senior Robotics Engineer
(412) 681-6900
NREC 235
Portrait of Robert Joseph Tamburo
Robert Joseph Tamburo
Senior Project Scientist
(412) 268-3818
A401 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Michael J. Tasota
Michael J. Tasota
Systems Software Engineer
(412) 268-3818
LL127 Collaborative Innovation Center
Portrait of James Teza
James Teza
Senior Research Engineer
(412) 268-1201
2207 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Debra Tobin
Debra Tobin
Manager, Media, Events & Website
(412) 268-3814
3201 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Pavel Tokmakov
Pavel Tokmakov
Project Scientist
218 Elliot Dunlap Smith Hall
Portrait of Robert Toth
Robert Toth
Associate Director of Business Development
NREC 220
Portrait of Daniel Troniak
Daniel Troniak
Robotics Engineer
NREC 256
Portrait of Anastasia Tsuhlares
Anastasia Tsuhlares
Research Associate I
(412) 268-3818
LL127 Collaborative Innovation Center
Portrait of J. Michael Vandeweghe
J. Michael Vandeweghe
Lead Robotics Engineer
NREC 252
Portrait of Vamsavardan Sai Kumar Vemuru
Vamsavardan Sai Kumar Vemuru
Robotics Engineer
Portrait of Donghan Wang
Donghan Wang
Senior Research Programmer / Analyst
(412) 268-1238
3115 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of James Ryan Warner
James Ryan Warner
Senior Electrical Engineer
(412) 480-3423
NREC 232
Portrait of Cheryl B. Wehrer
Cheryl B. Wehrer
Associate Director for Finance and Administration
(412) 268-3744
4105 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of John Weiland
John Weiland
Systems Administrator
Portrait of Anthony T Wertz
Anthony T Wertz
Research Programmer / Analyst
(412) 268-3818
3124 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Julian Whitman
Julian Whitman
Graduate Student Researcher, MechE
A403 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Warren Whittaker
Warren Whittaker
Senior Field Robotics Specialist
(412) 268-1119
1201A Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Karen R. Widmaier
Karen R. Widmaier
Administrative Assistant II
(412) 268-7551
3203 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Don E. Wilkinson
Don E. Wilkinson
Senior Linux Systems Administrator
NREC 245
Placeholder Portrait Image
Teireik Williams
Research Associate I
LL127 Collaborative Innovation Center
Portrait of Anne Wright
Anne Wright
Director of Operations, Bodytrack
(412) 268-3818
3106 Newell-Simon Hall
Portrait of Kui Wu
Kui Wu
115 Elliot Dunlap Smith Hall
Portrait of Raaj Yaadhav
Raaj Yaadhav
Research Assistant
115 Scaife Hall
Portrait of John Yao
John Yao
Principal Systems / Software Engineer
(412) 268-3818
1101 Gates and Hillman Centers