///From Drones To Robots, The Road To Make Technologies More Accessible
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RI Seminar


March 3, 2017
3:30 pm
- 4:30 pm
NSH 1305
From Drones To Robots, The Road To Make Technologies More Accessible

Shuo Yang
Director of Intelligent Navigation Technologies, DJI


Over the past decade, DJI has developed several world-leading drone products, turning cutting-edge technologies such as high resolution image transmission, visual odometry, and learning-based object tracking into affordable commercial products. Along with all these technological successes, DJI is exploring innovative ways to make them more accessible. In this talk, Shuo will review some key technologies DJI has developed, then talk about RoboMasters, a robotics competition that uses these technologies to nurture next generation engineers.

Speaker Biography

Shuo Yang is Director of Intelligent Navigation Technologies and Director of RoboMasters Program at DJI. He obtained B.Eng and M.Phil degrees from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). He is involved in developing flight control and navigation technologies for several DJI flagship products, such as the Inspire 1, Phantom 4 and Matrice 100 drones and the A3 flight controller. He has coauthored 4 academic papers and obtained over 10 US patents.