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RI | Seminar | April 15

Robotics Institute Seminar, April 15
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The 15th Gate: Mobot Wrap-Up and Awards Ceremony



Time and Place

Wean Hall 7500
Ceremony begins at 3:30 pm

Event Description


The ceremony and presentations will be held in Wean Hall 7500. Winners will be announced, refreshments will be served, and there will be representatives from the sponsors on hand (a good chance to meet people in the industry).


All participants are encouraged to give a brief talk about their Mobots. These won't be "formal" presentation, but rather discussions about how team Mobot works, why they didn't work, what they learned by building it, or really anything Mobot-related.


Teams that complete the course and all prize winners will be "strongly" urged to talk.   Winners and almost winners have a lot of insights, experiences and wisdoms to share.


We look forward to your participation!



Further Information

For further information, please contact Catherine Catherine Copetas (

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