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RI | Seminar | March 13

Robotics Institute Seminar, March 13
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Fast and Flexible 3D Scanning

Szymon Rusinkiewicz

Princeton University

Time and Place

Wean Hall 4623
Talk 12:30pm - 2:00pm

The digitization of the 3D shape of real objects is a rapidly expanding field, with applications in design, manufacturing, and mapping spaces such as buildings and caves. This talk will describe recent research aimed at increasing the speed and flexibility of 3D scanning systems. Two new scanner designs will be presented, one based on active temporal stereo and the other based on projected structured light with stripe boundary coding. Both are based on a space-time stereo framework, in which correspondences between two cameras or between a camera and projector are obtained by considering windows with extent in both space and time. The scanners are the first stage in a 3D model acquisition pipeline, which also includes algorithms for aligning and merging successive range images. The talk will discuss the value of having the entire pipeline operate in real time, which allows the user to see holes in the model and determine when the object has been completely covered. Results are presented from a prototype that incorporates 60 Hz. structured-light rangefinder, a real-time variant of ICP (iterative closest points) for alignment, and point-based merging and rendering algorithms.

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