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RI | Seminar | November 14

Robotics Institute Seminar, November 14
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Educational Robotics at Carnegie Mellon

Howie Choset , Matt Mason , Illah Nourbakhsh , Ben Brown , Robin Shoop , Peter Coppin , Tom Lauwers , Bernardine Dias
CMU Robotics Institute

Time and Place

Mauldin Auditorium (NSH 1305)
Refreshments 3:15 pm
Talk 3:30 pm


Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute is world-famous for its cutting-edge research and fielded robotics systems. However, if you should remove all of the robotics research activities going on at CMU, one would find an abundance of robotic educational opportunities ranging the spectrum from the Ph.D. level to the grade school experience. In this talk, we will give a sequence of vignettes of educational robotics: the Ph.D. program, the Master's program, the undergraduate minor, the Mobot competition, high school academy, the robotics club, and outreach.

Speaker Biographies

Howie Choset directs the undergraduate Robotics minor program. Matt Mason directs the RI Ph.D. program. Illah Nourbakhsh directs the RI Master's program. Ben Brown coordinates the annual Mobot competition. Robin Shoop is the RI's Educational Outreach Advisor and directs the High School Robotics Academy. Peter Coppin creates user interfaces for distributed public experience of remote locations via robots. Tom Lauwers is a recent president of the CMU Robotics Club and current RI Ph.D. student. Bernardine Dias is investigating suitable and sustainable technology for developing communities.

Speaker Appointments

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